2015 Toyota Camry - Voice command system (4 pages)

Posted on 4 Feb, 2015 by Whiteranger
Model: 2015 Toyota Camry
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Manual Description
The voice command system enables hands-free system, operations of the voice command system can be performed by, selecting the menu corresponding to each function, after a beep sounds, say desired command.

On the list screen, you can select desired command, to cancel the voice command system, press and hold talk switch, ● When Voice Prompt Interrupt” set to on, it is not necessary wait, confirmation beep before speaking command.

● Voice commands may not be recognized if, passengers are talking while voice commands spoken, the air conditioning speed set high, the air conditioning vents are turned towards microphone.

● In the following conditions, the system may not recognize command, properly and using voice commands may not be possible, the command is incorrect or unclear, speech patterns may be difficult for system recognize.

There is excessive background noise, such wind noise, due to natural language speech recognition technology, system, enables recognition of a command when spoken naturally, the system cannot recognize every variation each command.

In some situations, it is possible to omit the command for the procedure and directly state desired operation, not all voice commands are displayed in short cut menu, this function is available in English, Spanish French, i need to call right away.

Some recognizable voice commands and their actions shown, prompts voice guidance to offer examples of commands operation methods, places a call to the phone number of latest outgoing call, places a call to the phone number latest incoming.

Call Place a call to the said phone type contact, dial

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