2015 Toyota Camry - Doors (20 pages)

Posted on 4 Feb, 2015 by Jordan
Model: 2015 Toyota Camry
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Manual Description
Unlocking and locking the doors outside, ◆ Smart key system (if equipped), carry the electronic key enable function, front passenger's door handle to unlock all doors.

Touch the lock sensor (the indentation on the side door, check that the door securely locked, vehicles without smart key system, *: This setting must be customized.

*: The door unlock settings can be changed, vehicles with smart key system, *: This setting must be customized your Toyota dealer, turning the key operates doors follows.

Turn and hold to close the windows moon roof, the doors can also be locked and unlocked with mechanical key, a buzzer sounds and the emergency flashers flash to indicate that doors, a buzzer sounds to indicate that the driver's window and moon roof opening.

Unlocked, the security feature automatically locks vehicle again, when the door cannot be locked by the lock sensor on upper part, if the door will not lock even when the topside sensor area touched, try using, your palm to touch lock sensor.

Door lock buzzer (vehicles with smart key system), if an attempt to lock the doors is made when a door is not fully closed, buzzer will sound for 5 seconds, locking the doors will set the alarm system.

Properly (vehicles with smart key system), replace the battery with a new one if it depleted, unlocking and locking the doors inside, the front doors can be opened.

Even if the lock buttons, locking the doors from the outside without key, move the inside lock button lock position, the door cannot be locked if either of the front doors open.

The door cannot be locked if the engine switch ACCESSORY, or IGNITION ON mode, or the electronic key is left inside vehicle, the door cannot be opened, inside the vehicle when lock.

These locks can be set prevent, door switch to lock both rear doors, the following functions can be set cancelled, shift position linked door Shifting the shift lever out of P locks all.

Shifting the shift lever to P unlocks all doors, speed linked door lock- All the doors are locked when vehicle speed, all the doors are unlocked when driver's, door is opened within 10 seconds after turning.

The engine switch ACC” LOCK”, automatic door locking unlocking systems, the automatic door locking and unlocking functions can be set, canceled on the audio system screen (P.

Vehicles without a smart key system: Close all doors, switch the engine switch to the ON” position, vehicles with a smart key system: Close all doors switch, the engine switch to IGNITION ON mode.

Shift the shift lever P N, the shift lever and switch positions corresponding, use the same procedure cancel function.

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