2013 Toyota Camry - Toyota Universal Display Audio System Owner's Manual Without Navigation: Vehicle Information (5 pages)

Posted on 24 Oct, 2014 by Psolovyov
Model: 2013 Toyota Camry
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Manual Description
Fuel consumption information and tire pressure value can be displayed, the vehicle information system, press CAR” button, the actual design and button position may differ depending vehicle, details, see Section 3 of vehicle Owner's Manual”.

The Information” screen shown above is displayed if the vehicle equipped with, both a fuel consumption and a tire pressure warning system, displays the Trip Information”, History”, press this button to access vehicle information.

Fuel consumption such as shown below can be displayed screen, for details see Section 1-1 of vehicle Owner's Manual”, clear”: Trip information data can be deleted by touching screen button, history”: History” screen can be displayed by touching screen button.

● The trip information display indicates, varies with driving habits road conditions, the Trip Information” History” screen, the Information” screen not displayed.

If the vehicles not equipped with tire, if the Trip Information” screen is not displayed, touch Trip Information”, if the History” screen not displayed, the average fuel consumption history.

Divided by color into past averages, the average fuel consumption since, clear”: Past record data can be deleted, update”: Reset the average fuel consumption to measure the current fuel consumption again.

When you touch Update”, average, fuel consumption displayed in the multi-information display will be reset same, screen can be displayed by touching, vehicles equipped with a tire pressure warning system will display.

Warning system, refer to vehicle Owner's Manual”, the tire pressure value each, shown if tire pressure screen, the tire pressure value each tire.

Can be confirmed using tire, low tire pressure values will be, vehicles do not show spare...

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