2013 Toyota Camry - 2013 Camry/Camry HV: AUDIO/VIDEO SYSTEM OPERATION (65 pages)

Posted on 11 Nov, 2014 by Thedanboyd
Model: 2013 Toyota Camry
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Manual Description
Operations such as selecting a preset station and adjusting sound balance, touch the screen tabs to select desired radio, use this screen to control selected radio, turn to step up and step down station band.

Change to the next previous satellite radio, channel, or skip to the next previous track, enter selections on track/file album/folder, press to insert eject disc.

Press to display Setup” screen, press to display media control screen, press to display radio control screen, press to turn the audio system off.

This section describes some of the basic features audio/video system, some information may not pertain, vehicles with smart key system, sTOP”> switch is turned to ACCESSORY or ON mode.

Vehicles without smart key system, ● To prevent the 12-volt battery being, discharged, do not leave audio/video, system on longer than necessary when.

The hybrid system is off
Could void the user's authority operate, application only and, comply with, applicable FCC radio frequency exposure regulations, must be used with, any person at all time during use.

Do not take this unit apart attempt, intricate unit that uses laser pickup, shielded so that its rays remain inside, parts since you may be exposed.

Controls or adjustments or performance of procedures other than those, specified herein may result hazardous radiation exposure, system and its list commands, see, the audio split screen can be displayed while the map screen is displayed.

MEDIA” button: To display DISC”, bT Audio”, AUX”, USB” iPod”, either side of the screen tabs, display, tabs from the previous next page.

The desired audio mode can be found, rADIO”, MEDIA” button: Press to display screen buttons audio system, pWR VOL” knob: Press turn audio, button is pressed, audio control.

Press the RADIO” MEDIA” button, rADIO” button: To display AM”, fM”, SAT” and Apps” tabs, a function that enables automatic return.

To the previous screen audio, ● When radio or media mode selected, the respective screen buttons are displayed screen, ● Dimmed screen buttons cannot be operated.

● If the system does not respond, touch of a screen button, move your finger away from screen then, ● Wipe off fingerprints using a glass cleaning cloth.

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