2012 Toyota Camry - Operating the lights and wipers (14 pages)

Posted on 1 Nov, 2014 by Tamafurbyn
Model: 2012 Toyota Camry
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Manual Description
The headlights can be operated manually automatically, (except daytime running lights) turn on, the side marker, parking, tail, license plate, key system: The headlights, parking lights.

Turning on high beam headlights, pull the lever toward you, you can flash high beams, manual headlight leveling dial (if equipped).

The level of the headlights can be adjusted according number, of passengers and the loading condition vehicle, ● To make your vehicle more visible to other drivers, headlights turn, automatically (at a reduced intensity) whenever the engine started.

● Compared to turning on the headlights, the daytime running light system, offers greater durability and consumes less electricity, so it can help, headlight control sensor (if equipped), the sensor may not function properly.

An object is placed on the sensor, or anything that blocks the sensor affixed, doing so interferes with sensor, detecting the level ambient light, may cause the automatic headlight system malfunction.

Automatic light off system (if equipped), vehicles without smart key system, ● When the light switch, : The headlights and tail lights turn off.

Seconds after the engine switch is turned to ACC” LOCK”, position and a door is opened and closed, remote control: The lights turn off immediately, pressed twice after all doors closed.

To turn the lights on again, turn the engine switch to ON” position, turn, the light switch off once then back, vehicles with smart key system, seconds after the ENGINE START STOP” switch turned.

ACCESSORY mode or turned off and a door is opened closed, to turn the lights on again, turn the ENGINE START STOP” switch to IGNITION ON mode, or turn the light switch off once then back, a buzzer sounds when the engine switch is turned OFF” or to ACC” position and the driver's door is opened with the key removed engine, switch while the lights turned on.

A buzzer sounds when the ENGINE START STOP” switch turned off, turned to ACCESSORY mode and the driver's door opened while, in order to prevent the vehicle battery from discharging, headlights, and/or tail lights are on when the engine switch is turned to the LOCK” position (vehicles without a smart key system) or when ENGINE START.

STOP” switch is turned off (vehicles with a smart key system) battery, saving function will operate and automatically turn off all lights after, when the engine switch is turned to the ON” position (vehicles without, smart key system) or when the ENGINE START STOP” switch turned.

IGNITION ON mode (vehicles with a smart key system), battery-saving, ● When the headlight switch operated, ● When a door opened closed, customization that can be configured Toyota dealer.

Do not leave the lights on longer than necessary when the engine not running, when any of the following are performed, the battery-saving function is canceled once and then reactivated, minutes after the battery-saving function has been reactivated, the fog lights secure excellent visibility in difficult driving conditions, such as rain fog.

Turns the front fog lights off, turns the front fog lights, the wiper operation is selected by moving lever follows.

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