2012 Toyota Camry - 2012 Camry/Camry HV: ADDRESS BOOK (14 pages)

Posted on 11 Nov, 2014 by Whiteranger
Model: 2012 Toyota Camry
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Manual Description
Points or areas on the map can be registered, on this screen, following operations, the registered points can be used, sEARCH BY 'Address Book'” page.

Touch to set detailed navigation settings, registered areas avoid, will be, if home has been registered, that information can be recalled by touching, sEARCH BY HOME” page 57.

Touch the desired items be set, the Edit Home” screen will be displayed, touch Home” on Navigation Settings” screen, touch the desired screen button.

Enter the location in same way, touch Yes” to delete home touch, the name can be displayed map, touch Edit” next to the item be edited.

If preset destination has been registered, that information can be recalled, dESTINATION SEARCH BY PRESET DESTINATIONS” page 57, show Name on Map”: The name, map by touching On” Off”.

Is completed, Edit Preset Destination”, touch a position preset destination, touch the screen button desired, show Name on Map”: The name of a preset destination can be set be displayed.

Touch the preset destination be deleted, to edit the preset destination name, touch to cancel Select All” function, touch Yes” to delete the preset destination and touch No” cancel.

Touch Address Book” on Navigation Settings” screen, after the address book entry has been, registered, the Edit Address Book Entry”, the icon, name, location and/or phone.

Number of registered address book, show Name on Map”: The name of an address book entry can be set to be displayed on the map by touching On”, change pages by touching Page 1”, a sound for some address book entries.

Book entry, the selected sound will be, enter the name using alphanumeric keys, touch the With Sound” tab, the next screen appears when Bell.

The previous screen will be displayed, touch On” to display name, map and touch Off” not display it, ● The bell sounds only when vehicle.

Enter the number using number, touch the address be deleted, touch to select all registered addresses, book and touch No” cancel deletion.

Areas to be avoided because traffic, jams, construction work or other reasons can be registered areas, touch Areas to Avoid” on Navigation Settings” screen, for a destination search, display.

Avoid or the route calculation cannot be, made without running through area, to avoid, a route passing through.

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