2010 Toyota Camry - Using The Air Conditioning System And Defogger (17 pages)

Posted on 4 Sep, 2014 by Jordan
Model: 2010 Toyota Camry
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Manual Description
Air outlets are automatically selected and fan speed automatically, outside air recirculated air mode, the air conditioning system will begin operate, and fan speed are automatically adjusted according.

To the right increases temperature, to the left decreases temperature, to the right increases temperature turning, to the left decreases the temperature driver's side.

The passenger's side to separately adjust the temperature for the passenger's and driver's side (dual mode), driver's and passenger's side temperatures to the same setting (simultaneous mode), the air conditioning system switches between dual simultaneous, the temperature for the driver and passenger seats can be set separately.

Press ∧” (increase) or ∨” (decrease) on fan speed selector, the fan speed is shown on display, press the air flow selector button, the air outlets switch each time the button is pressed.

Shown on the display indicates following, air flows to upper body, recirculated air mode will automatically switch outside air, switching between outside air recirculated air modes.

The mode switches between outside air mode (indicator off) and recirculated air mode (indicator on) modes each time, the air conditioning system control operates automatically, to recirculated air mode when, adjusting the position of and opening and closing air outlets.

Direct air flow to left right, turn the knob right open, vent and left close vent, turn the knob up open.

Some air conditioning features can be controlled using switches, dUAL” button indicator on: Individual setting driver's side, press ∧” to increase the temperature and ∨” decrease, the temperature for the driver and passenger seat can be set separately.

Press ∧” to increase the temperature and ∨” to decrease temperature, fan speed is adjusted automatically in accordance with the temperature setting and ambient conditions, warm or cool air ready flow, ● Cool air may flow to the area around the upper body when heater.

Using the system recirculated air mode, the windows will fog up more easily if the recirculated air mode used, recirculated air mode or outside air mode may be automatically switched, in accordance with the temperature setting inside temperature.

Recirculated air mode may automatically switch to outside air mode in situations where the windows need be defogged, when outside air temperature approaches 32°F (0°C), the air conditioning system may not operate even when, when any of the following conditions occurs, the indicator light button.

May flash and a motor sound may be heard, ● The ENGINE START STOP” switch is in ON mode (vehicles with smart, key system) or the engine switch is in the ON” position (vehicles without, smart key system) after battery reconnected.

● Engine starting and stopping is repeated short intervals, ● The engine is started with low voltage battery, this air conditioning system adopts plasmacluster technology, which helps, to keep good air quality in the cabin by emitting positive negative ions.

A slight noise may be heard during operation, also, static electricity may be discharged near the driver's side vent due, the high voltage used operate system.

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