1999 Toyota Camry - Seats, Seat Belts, Steering Wheel And Mirrors (52 pages)

Posted on 16 Oct, 2014 by Kilgore
Model: 1999 Toyota Camry
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Manual Description
While the vehicle is being driven, all vehicle occupants should have seatback, upright, sit well back in the seat and properly wear seat belts provided, properly seated and not properly restrained by seat belts can be severely injured in the event of emergency braking collision, d During driving, do not allow pas.

Sengers to stand up move, d SRS driver front passenger, the SRS side airbags installed, the driver front passenger seats.

D Do not lean against front door, when the vehicle is use, speed and force; you may be killed, or surface of front seats with.

Seats which cover parts where, side airbags from activating correctly, causing death serious injury, adjust the driver's seat so that foot, panel controls are within easy reach.

D Adjustments should not be made, cause the driver lose control, d When adjusting seat, be careful, d After adjusting seat position.

Try sliding it forward backward, to make sure it locked position, d After adjusting seatback, exert, body pressure to make sure it.

The objects may interfere with, seat−lock mechanism or unexpectedly push up the seat position adjusting lever; seat may suddenly, d While adjusting the seat, do not put, your hands under seat near.

And injure your hands fingers, to the desired position with slight body, lean forward and pull lever up, then lean back desired angle.

Pull the lever upward downward, to reduce the risk sliding under, the lap belt during collision, avoid, reclining the seatback any more than.

Collision when the driver and the passenger are sitting up straight, reclined, the lap belt may slide past, your hips apply restraint forces, the event of frontal collision.

Risk of personal injury may increase, move the control switch desired, releasing the switch will stop seat, do not place anything under front.

Releasing the switch will stop the seatback that position, the event of formal collision, d Make sure the seat belts not, d Make sure seatback securely.

Locked by pushing forward and rearward on the top seatback, each seatback may be folded separately, on vehicles with built−in child restraint, only the left seatback can be folded down.

This will enlarge the trunk far, make sure the luggage loaded, enlarged trunk will not damage.

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