1999 Toyota Camry - Keys And Doors (10 pages)

Posted on 8 Nov, 2014 by Citizen
Model: 1999 Toyota Camry
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Manual Description
Your vehicle is supplied with two kinds, to protect things locked glove box, or trunk when you have your vehicle, parked, leave the sub key with attendant.

Your key number is shown plate, keep the plate in a safe place such, if you should lose your keys you, need additional keys, duplicates can be.

Made by your authorized Toyota CNG, we recommend you to write down key, number and keep it safe place, since the doors and trunk lid can be.

Locked without a key, you should always, carry a spare master key case you, accidentally lock your keys inside vehicle, insert the key into keyhole turn.

To lock: Turn key forward, to unlock: Turn key backward, to lock: Push knob forward, to unlock: Pull knob backward.

All the doors lock and unlock simultaneously with either front door, unlock the driver's door and twice in succession will unlock all doors simultaneously, closing the door with the lock knob, lock position will also lock door.

Careful not to lock your keys vehicle, the door cannot be locked you leave, before driving, be sure that doors, when small children are in the vehicle.

Seat belts, locking doors helps, from being thrown out from the vehicle during an accident, prevent the doors being opened, to lock: Push the switch front side.

To unlock: Push the switch rear, all the doors lock unlock simultaneously, move the lock lever LOCK”, this feature allows you lock rear.

The windows can be operated with, the power windows work when ignition, key off operation: If both front doors, closed, they work 45 seconds even.

After the ignition switch turned off, stop working when either front door, normal operation: The window moves, long as you hold switch.

To open: Lightly push down switch, to close: Pull up switch, push the switch completely down then, stop the window partway, lightly pull.

Switch up then release it, the window moves as long you hold, to open: Push down switch, the driver's door, passengers' windows.

To avoid serious personal injury, you, d Always make sure head, hands, and other parts of body all.

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