2013 Toyota Avalon - Smart key system (25 pages)

Posted on 3 Nov, 2014 by Neue Mage
Model: 2013 Toyota Avalon
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Manual Description
The following operations can be performed simply by carrying, electronic key on your person, for example in your pocket, should always carry electronic key, a buzzer sounds and the emergency flashers flash to indicate that doors.

Unlocked, the security feature automatically locks vehicle again, locks and unlocks doors (→P, grip the driver's door handle, make sure to touch sensor.

The doors cannot be unlocked, *: The door unlock settings can be, touch the lock sensor (the indentation on the upper part, door handle) to lock all doors.

Effective range (areas within which electronic key, the system can be operated when the electronic key within about 2, when starting the engine or changing engine switch modes, the system can be operated when the electronic key inside vehicle.

When the door cannot be locked by the lock sensor on upper part, if the door will not lock even when the topside sensor area touched, try touching, both the topside underside sensor, an alarm sounds and warning message displays shown on the multi-information display are used to protect against unexpected accidents theft.

The following table describes circumstances correction procedures when, an attempt was made Close all doors, to lock the vehicle while lock doors, sounds once for 5 secposition, then closing.

The door with the electronic key still inside, exterior alarm sounds The trunk was closed, while the electronic key Retrieve electronic, was still inside the trunk key trunk.

And all the doors were close trunk lid, interior alarm sounds engine switch was, shift the shift lever P, alarms are sounded and a message or key icon displayed.

The electronic key was carried Change, continuous Continuous closed while any shift position Bring, other than P was selected withkey back into, closed while shift position P.

Indicates that door other than, opened and closed with Confirm, engine switch in any mode location, other than off and electronic electronic key.

An attempt was made exit, key and lock doors without, indicates that electronic key Confirm, is not present when attempting location.

An attempt was made drive, when the regular key was not, switch was pressed, the electronic key could not be, the electronic key could not.

Switching the door unlock function (some models), when the indicator light on the key surface is not on, press hold, for approximately seconds while pressing holding, the setting changes each time an operation is performed, shown below.

(When changing the setting continuously, release the buttons, wait least, holding a passenger's door Interior: Pings once, to prevent unintended triggering of the alarm, unlock doors using.

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