2006 Toyota Avalon - Owner's Manual (404 pages)

Posted on 5 Feb, 2016 by Michael
Model: 2006 Toyota Avalon
File size: 3.65 MB

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Manual Description
"View B (with key cylinder- type ignition switch), "View B (with smart key system), if your vehicle has equipped navigation system, see the separate Navigation System Owner's Manual”, for details, see Service reminder indicators and warning buzzers” on page 145 Section 1- 6.

Vehicle stability control system traction, low windshield washer fluid level warning, low engine oil pressure warning light∗1, anti- lock brake system warning light∗1.

Slip indicator/traction control system off light, cruise control indicator light∗2 dynamic laser, dynamic laser cruise control ready mode, conventional cruise control mode indicator light.

For details, see Service reminder indicators warning, buzzers” on page 145 Section 1- 6, if this light flashes, see Cruise control” page 169, if this light flashes, see Dynamic laser cruise control”.

A transponder chip engine immobilizer, system has been placed head, needed to enable system function, correctly, so be careful not lose these.

You will not be able cancel system, to protect items locked trunk, glove box when using valet parking, leave, your vehicle is supplied with two kinds.

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