2004 Toyota Avalon - Specifications (8 pages)

Posted on 5 Nov, 2014 by VergeiNah
Model: 2004 Toyota Avalon
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Manual Description
Cylinder V type 4 cycle, gasoline, (Research Octane Number 91) higher, use of premium unleaded gasoline with, an Octane Rating of 91 (Research Octane Number 96) higher recommended.

Valve clearance (engine cold), mm (in, borroughs drive belt tension gauge No, oil capacity (drain and refill), L (qt, toyota Genuine Motor Oil” used.

Toyota Genuine Motor Oil” equivalent, please contact your Toyota dealer further details, open voltage∗ at 20 C (68 F), with the force of 490 N (50 kgf, 110 lbf).

With the engine running, mm (in, toyota Super Long Life Coolant”, used in your Toyota vehicle factory, only use Toyota Super Long Life.

Coolant” or similar high quality ethylene, acid technology is combination low, do not use plain water alone, please contact your Toyota dealer.

Voltage that checked 20 minutes, after the key is removed with all, fluid capacity (drain refill), L (qt, with the force of 294 N (30 kgf, 66.

Tire size and cold tire inflation pressure, when driving under the above vehicle load conditions at sustained high speeds above 160 km/h (100 mph), countries, where such speeds are permitted by−law, inflate the front and rear tires to 280 kPa (2, that it does not exceed the maximum cold tire pressure molded tire sidewall.

Wheel nut torque, N·m (kgf·m, ft·Ibf), nOTE: For a complete information on tires (e, system, charging system, air/fuel sensor, fuel pump, meters, power windows (for driver.

System/sequential multiport fuel injection system, air flow meter, oxygen, system, throttle positioner control system, engine control system, lights, tail lights, rear side marker, lights, rear light failure warning light.

System/sequential multiport fuel injection system, fuel pump, system, cigarette lighter, air conditioning system, emergency flasher, electronically controlled automatic transmission system, power rear view mirrors, cruise control system, shift lock system, anti−lock brake system, auto anti−, glare inside rear view mirror, automatic.

Light control system, power seats, rear, transmission indicator lights, power outlet, power window (for driver), brake, rear view mirrors, multi−information display, shift lock system, multiplex communication system, lock system, cruise control system, vehicle stability control system, engine.

Door opener, open door warning light, trunk light, wireless remote control system, multiplex communication system, system, cruise control system, multi−information display, theft deterrent system, vehicle stability control system...

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