2016 Toyota 4Runner - Quick Reference Guide (44 pages)

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Model: 2016 Toyota 4Runner
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Manual Description
This Quick Reference Guide is a summary basic vehicle, the Quick Reference Guide is not intended as substitute, owner's Manual located in the vehicle's glove box, encourage you to review the Owner's Manual supplementary.

Manuals so you will have a better understanding vehicle's, your dealership and the entire staff of Toyota Motor Sales, U, a word about safe vehicle operations, this Quick Reference Guide is not a full description 4Runner.

Pay special attention to the boxed information highlighted, operating instructions to help you avoid injury equipment, all information in this Quick Reference Guide current, visit your Toyota dealer for information customizing feature.

HomeLink® is a registered trademark Gentex Corporation, back window and outside rearview mirror defogger switch, downhill Assist Control system (DAC) switch1, headlight, turn signal and front fog light controls.

For details, refer to the Navigation System Owner's Manual, front-wheel drive control switch1/Four-wheel drive control switch1, eNGINE START STOP” button (Smart Key)1, tilt and telescopic steering lock release.

Intuitive parking assist switch indicator1, (alarm will sound if speed over 12 mph), arrow direction indicates fuel tank door position, if indicator does not turn off within a few seconds of starting engine, there may be.

For details, see SRS airbags” Section 1-1, 2016 Owner's Manual, if this light flashes, refer to Four-wheel drive system,” Section 4-5, 2016 Owner's Manual, if this light flashes, refer to Cruise control,” Section 4-5, 2016 Owner's Manual, nOTE: Tighten until one click is heard.

Engine ” indicator may illuminate, nOTE: If a door is not opened within 60 seconds of unlocking, all doors will relock, smart Key system (if equipped), nOTE: Carry the electronic key to enable start function.

In Park brake pedal depressed, without depressing the brake pedal, pressing the ENGINE START STOP” switch, will change the operation mode succession from, power ON; the engine not running.

Accessories such as radio will operate, * Driver door unlocking function can be programmed to unlock driver door only, nOTE: Doors may also be locked/unlocked using remote, windshield and back window washer fluid tank.

NOTE: Regularly scheduled maintenance, including oil changes, will help, extend the life of your vehicle and maintain performance, to the Warranty & Maintenance Guide, automatic door locks can be programmed to operate in four different modes.

-Doors lock when shifting Park, -Doors lock when the vehicle speed is approximately 12 mph higher, -Doors unlock when shifting into Park, -Doors unlock when the driver's door is opened within 10 seconds after turning.

ENGINE START STOP” switch ignition switch OFF, refer to the Owner's Manual more details, * The ignition/ENGINE START STOP” switch must be ON” brake pedal, shift the shift lever to S” position D” position.

Downshifting increases power going uphill, or provides engine braking downhill, for best fuel economy during normal driving conditions, always drive with shift, stop vehicle, shift N” position.

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