2003 Toyota 4Runner - 2003 Through Dec. 2002 Prod. 4Runner Navigation: Audio System (54 pages)

Posted on 13 Oct, 2014 by Jholt
Model: 2003 Toyota 4Runner
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Manual Description
Quick reference for your audio system 128, car audio/video system operating hints 176, quick reference your audio system, turn this knob move up.

Push this button choose an AM, push this button choose FM, push this button scan radio, details, see pages 130 138.

Push this button seek station, the slots for cassette tape player, and compact disc player behind, to lower the display, push OPEN”.

Tape or compact disc, push button, d Do not place anything, you can adjust the angle of the display by pushing TILT” button, each push of the TILT” button will tilt.

The display to position 1, 2, 3 then, if you turn the ignition switch off, display will automatically move back, resume the previous position you used when.

The ignition switch is turned ACC”, opened display, such items may, be thrown about in the compartment and possibly injure people, d To reduce the chance injury.

Case of an accident sudden, stop while driving, keep display closed, d Take care not jam your hand, do not obstruct display while it.

This section describes some basic, features of Toyota audio system, some information may not pertain your, your audio system works when the ignition switch is in the ACC” ON” position.

Discharged, do not leave the car audio on longer than necessary when, (a) Turning the system off, pWR·VOL: Push this knob turn, on in last mode used.

Switches for audio system (audio control, you can select function that enables, push AM”, FM”, DISC” TAPE”, button to turn desired mode.

The selected mode turns immediately, push these buttons if you want switch, if the tape or disc is not set, cassette, player or compact disc player does not.

Compact disc player by ejecting the cassette tape or compact disc, system was previously off, then entire, audio system will be turned off when you, d If the system does not respond.

A touch of a switch, move your finger away from screen then, d Wipe off fingerprints surface, of the display using glass cleaning cloth, the switches radio, cassette tape.

Player, compact disc player DVD, the audio control mode selected, touch the switches lightly directly.

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