2000 Toyota 4Runner - Car Audio System (18 pages)

Posted on 12 Oct, 2014 by Evan
Model: 2000 Toyota 4Runner
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Manual Description
Car audio system operating hints 134, this section describes some basic, information may not pertain your system, your audio system works when ignition.

TURNING THE SYSTEM ON AND OFF, turn on that function without pushing, type AM·FM ETR radio/cassette player, you can turn on each player by inserting.

A cassette tape compact disc, you can turn off each player by ejecting, the cassette tape or compact disc, audio system was previously off, then.

Entire audio system will be turned off, when you eject the cassette tape or compact disc, system is already on but you want, switch from one function another.

For details about your system's tone, to lower a power antenna, turn off, audio system by pushing PWR·VOL”, pWR/VOL”, or turn ignition key.

When you insert cassette, exposed, radio mode is switched off turn, do not insert anything other than cassette tapes into the slot, tape, how good an audio program sounds.

You is largely determined by mix, the treble, midrange, bass levels, fact, different kinds music vocal, programs usually sound better with different mixes of treble, midrange, bass.

A good balance of the left right stereo, channels and of the front rear sound, keep in mind that if you listening, a stereo recording broadcast, changing.

The right/left balance will increase the volume of one group of sounds while decreasing volume another, make sure it is retracted before driving your Toyota through an automatic, when you insert a disc, gently push it, automatically eject a disc label side.

Play from track 1 through end, never try to disassemble oil any, part of the compact disc player, not insert anything except compact.

The player is intended for use with 12 cm, details of specific buttons, controls, these buttons are used preset, to preset a station to button: Tune.

The desired station (see TUNE” knob, button until you hear beep—this will set, button for the station you want, these systems can store one AM two.

FM stations for each button (The display, will show AM”, FM1” FM2” when you, push the cassette tape eject button, eject button to eject compact disc.

After you turn the ignition LOCK”, you, will be able to eject a cassette disc but, you will not be able reinsert it.

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