2018 Tesla Model X - Owner's Manual (213 pages)

Posted on 28 Jun, 2018
Model: 2018 Tesla Model X
File size: 5.37 MB

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Manual Description
Max Battery Power is designed to achieve maximum performance for short term acceleration and is not intended for daily driving. The tradeoff for the additional power boost is extra energy consumption and earlier power fade on long drives. The Insane or Ludicrous acceleration settings provide a significant increase in performance even without Max Battery Power.

In fact, in normal driving situations, the additional power that can be achieved using Max Battery Power may not be noticeable. Note: To support Max Battery Power, the charge level must be 20% or higher. You cannot initiate Max Battery Power if the charge level is less than 20%.

In addition, Max Battery Power immediately cancels if at any time during its use, the charge level drops below 20%. When using Max Battery Power, Model X consumes more energy as it keeps the Battery within an optimal temperature range. To cancel Max Battery Power at any time, change the acceleration level to Chill or Sport (or touch the button in the Max Battery Mode popup).

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