2013 Subaru XV Crosstrek - 5. Audio (50 pages)

Posted on 7 Nov, 2014 by Epkebauer
Model: 2013 Subaru XV Crosstrek
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Manual Description
When the following messages displayed, precautions to observe when handling, uSB storage device / iPod® operations, type A audio set (if equipped).

Type B audio set (if equipped), hD RadioTM Technology (Digital AM FM, displaying radio PS (Program Service Name), how to play back CD.

To select a track beginning, connecting USB storage device / iPod®, to select a chapter beginning when, sCAN (only when connecting USB storage.

Folder selection (only when connecting USB, setting the playing speed (only when, audiobook is playing) (type B audio), 北米Model EDITED: 2012/ 6/ 20.

Although FM normally static free, reception can be affected by the surrounding area, atmospheric conditions, station, momentary static, flutter or station interference, parking towers and other locations with low ceilings.

Washing your car at car wash, the antenna rod left attached, it, antenna rod, be sure fully, the roof antenna is installed center.

At the rear part roof, before installing a citizen band radio, other transmitting device your vehicle, such devices may cause electronic.

Control system to malfunction they, incorrectly installed or they not, your SUBARU may be equipped with one, pages indicated in this section operating details.

If a cell phone is placed near audio, set, it may cause the audio set emit, noise when phone receives calls, this noise does not indicate an audio.

Should be placed far possible, & Type A audio set (if equipped), the audio set will operate only when, ignition switch is in ACC” ON”.

& Type B audio set (if equipped), the dial is used both power (ON/OFF), volume is controlled by turning dial, the audio volume automatically increases to match vehicle speed.

Order to create pleasant listening, mount speakers can be heard, ear level (built SRS FOCUS effect), ultra rich bass sound can be.

Symbol are trademarks SRS Labs, ! Tone and balance control (type A, cH” dial changes the control modes, choose the preferred level each mode.

The control function returns tune, track/channel control mode after approximately 5 seconds, ! Other settings (type A audio).

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