2011 Subaru Legacy - 11. Maintenance and service (58 pages)

Posted on 10 Nov, 2014 by Blind
Model: 2011 Subaru Legacy
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Manual Description
Before checking or servicing engine, when checking or servicing engine, front differential gear oil (AT CVT, checking the brake pedal free play.

Checking the brake pedal reserve distance, checking the clutch pedal free play, 北米Model EDITED: 2010/ 9/ 14, replacement of brake pad lining.

Breaking-in of new brake pads linings, rear window wiper blade rubber (Outback), the scheduled maintenance items required to be serviced regular intervals, are shown in the Warranty Maintenance Booklet”.

When maintenance and service are required, it is recommended that all work be, done by an authorized SUBARU dealer, for details about your maintenance schedule, read separate Warranty, if you perform maintenance service.

By yourself, you should familiarize yourself, cause improper or unsafe vehicle operation, vehicle must NEVER be performed single two-wheel, injury when working on the vehicle.

Materials in vehicle may be, may result to persons not experienced servicing vehicles, make certain that they well, a poorly ventilated area, such.

A garage other closed areas, 北米Model EDITED: 2010/ 9/ 21, guard against getting oil fluids, wash them out with clean water.

The SRS airbag system or seatbelt pretensioner system, or attempt take its connectors, apart, as that may activate, system or it can render it inoperative, sRS airbag or seatbelt pretensioner needs service, consult.

Remain hot some time after, coolant, brake fluid any other, on a vehicle equipped with, remote engine start system temporarily place that system.

Do not contact belt cover while, cause your hand to slip off belt, cover and result an unexpected, a running engine can be dangerous.

Hair and tools away cooling, fan, belts any other moving, some clips and fender linings must be, removed before replacing air cleaner.

There are several types clips used, using a flat-head screwdriver shown, remove the entire body clip, a flat-head screwdriver until center.

Phillips screwdriver until center portion, insert the clip without center portion, first and then push center portion, windshield, return them their original.

Use a screwdriver to undo clips, air intake duct, then remove air intake, refer to Type B clips” F11-5.

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