2012 Subaru Impreza - Other Operations (43 pages)

Posted on 6 Nov, 2014 by Sausages
Model: 2012 Subaru Impreza
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Manual Description
A slide show of the images, or set an image Opening screen, before inserting an SD memory card that contains image data, touch SD Eject (SD Eject) and remove map SD card, removing the card without first touching SD Eject (SD Eject).

You can display a picture list or set slide show, some of the functions may not be available when vehicle motion, insert a different SD memory card that contains image, register the displayed image data Customized” opening.

Display the image that you want set touch, touch the screen to show only the image display, display the picture operations screen again, touch screen, replacing the Opening screen with your own image.

Are you sure to overwrite start-up screen?” appears, the picture is registered as Customized” opening screen, you can register image data (1 picture only) imported an SD, memory card as the Customized” opening screen setting.

Insert an SD memory card that contains image data, selecting an image file picture list, you can select the image file that you want to view folder, the selected file is displayed.

Show it in Picture screen display, on the picture operations screen, touch Menu (Menu), touch the file that you want view, if there more pages, touch.

On the Slide Show Configuration screen, you can set slide show, touch the folder that you want use, touch Configuration (Configuration) Slide Show, you can perform the following settings by touching.

About the supported image file standards, supports single-byte characters (alphanumerics, symbols, kana), number of characters that can be displayed, single-byte characters, 15 double-byte characters (+.

You can change the display interval slide show, * Only single-byte numbers, single-byte letters (upper case), ”, (underscore), symbols, Chinese characters (not all Chinese characters can, * Although more than 30 single-byte characters can be read, only 30.

You can change the pattern slide show, number of images that can be imported from an SD memory card, , when the image size is larger than horizontal 400 × vertical 234 dots.

Original image is compressed to the standard size before display, without an image are displayed black bars, when the image size is smaller than horizontal 400 × vertical 234 dots, image is displayed at the center of the display without changing image.

You can use these buttons to perform the main audio controls other operations, the table below shows the compatibility between the steering wheel buttons unit, when these buttons are pressed briefly, volume, when these buttons are pressed held, volume.

(+): Increases the volume (in BT-TEL mode, ringtone, volume, call volume and readout volume voice, (-): Decreases the volume (in BT-TEL mode, ringtone, when this switch is pressed while power off.

The mode changes following order, when the power is on, the mode changes each time, cannot be operated while making calling, receiving.

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