2012 Subaru Impreza - Navigation Manual (110 pages)

Posted on 6 Nov, 2014 by Octavia
Model: 2012 Subaru Impreza
File size: 11.3 MB

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Manual Description
Read this manual carefully before using navigation, resulting from failure to follow instructions, follow all road signs traffic rules, when driving using guidance navigation system.

Be sure to follow the actual road signs traffic, changed, the data on the SD card may be out date, factors such as weather, time zones, occurrences such, differences in congestion situations temporary road.

To road signs and traffic rules over instructions, not following the road signs and traffic rules could lead, before following instructions navigation system, (changing lanes and so on), check that you can carry out.

Maneuver safely given the current traffic conditions, put safety first before following any instructions, ignoring surrounding traffic could lead to an accident, need to look at the screen while driving, make sure you only.

You should stop the vehicle in a safe place before operating, navigation system's buttons and functions cannot be used, when you need to look at the navigation screen, do so, too long could lead an accident.

Make sure this system is installed position legally, allowed in the country where you intend use it, countries and regions do not allow video screens be, installed within the driver's line sight.

The system while driving, navigation system could, distract your attention from the current traffic conditions, sure to enter as much information possible into, in a safe place if you need enter information.

Buttons on the touch screen that cannot be used have their, operating the navigation system while driving could cause, your attention to be distracted current traffic, sure to follow all the operation descriptions safety.

Keep the system's volume level low enough you be, able to hear outside sounds while driving, never disassemble or modify any parts system, do not continue using the navigation system it malfunctions.

If the system shows any sign malfunctioning (for example, the monitor displays no picture), stop using it immediately, and contact nearest SUBARU dealer, continuing to use the system could lead to fire, an electric.

Shock, or some other type accident, if the navigation system gets contaminated, emits smoke, an odd smell, stop using it, if a foreign object gets inside the system, liquid spilled.

Onto the system, or the system emits smoke an unusual, smell, stop using it immediately contact nearest, fire, an electric shock, or some other type accident, do not place foreign objects, such as fingers, into disc.

If foreign objects enter the system's main unit, it could lead, unusual smell, stop using it immediately contact, in the interest of safety, the use of some functions may be unavailable while, the navigation system uses a built-in GPS receiver guide.

GPS position of your vehicle, and cannot be used track, the driver is operating the navigation system, we strongly, recommend operating the software before you start driving.

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