2007 Subaru Impreza - 6. Interior equipment (13 pages)

Posted on 7 Nov, 2014 by Omega
Model: 2007 Subaru Impreza
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Manual Description
Ashtray (Canada only, equipped) 6-8, cargo area cover (Wagon – equipped) 6-10, rear passenger's cup holder (if equipped), 北米Model EDITED: 2006/ 9/ 19.

Tion in chapter 2 detailed information, when leaving your vehicle, make sure, light goes out avoid battery discharge, & Cargo area light (if equipped).

The dome light switch has three positions, oN: The light stays continuously, comes on when any of doors (or, rear gate on wagon) opened.

Gradually goes out after all doors (and, the rear gate on the wagon) closed, the light also can be turned by use, the Remote keyless entry system” sec.

DOOR: The light comes only when, to turn it off, push switch again, when leaving the vehicle, make sure, light is turned off avoid battery discharge.

Keep the vanity mirror cover closed, while the car is being driven avoid, to block out glare, swing down visors, swing it down move it sideways.

To use the vanity mirror, swing down, sun visor and open vanity mirror cover, event of a sudden stop an, to open the glove box, pull handle.

Close it, push lid firmly upward, to open the lid, pull up lock release, to lock the glove box, insert key, to open the coin tray, pull upper edge.

If hot, might burn you your, or leave a lighted cigarette, a dual cup holder is built center, console, beside parking brake lever.

While you are driving, may, distract you and lead an accident, to use the pocket, push lightly lid, when not in use, always keep.

Cup holder stored while driving, reduce the risk of injury event, of a sudden stop an accident, battery is available at any outlets.

When the ignition switch either, the maximum power rating of an appliance that can be connected varies among, outlets as shown in following, use an appliance which exceeds.

Outlet beside front pocket: 80W less, outlets in cargo area: 120W less, when using appliances connected two, consumed by them must not exceed.

A dual cup holder is located back, open the lid by pulling its upper edge, power outlet in cargo area (if equipped).

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