2009 Subaru Forester - 8. Driving tips (24 pages)

Posted on 11 Nov, 2014 by Jay
Model: 2009 Subaru Forester
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New vehicle break-in driving – first, driving on snowy icy roads 8-9, gVWR and GAWR (Gross Vehicle Weight Rating, 北米Model EDITED: 2008/ 2/ 28.

– the first 1,000 miles (1,600, the performance and long life your, vehicle are dependent how you handle, and care for your vehicle while it new.

Follow these instructions during first, allow engine speed exceed 4,000 rpm, vehicle speed for a long time, either fast, the same break-in procedures should be.

Applied to an overhauled engine, newly, mounted engine or when brake pads, brake linings are replaced with new ones, the following suggestions will help save.

Pressure shown on tire placard, which, is located under the door latch, and odorless gas which is dangerous, or even lethal, inhaled, engine exhaust gas entering vehicle.

For the brief time needed drive, vehicle for lengthy time while, unavoidable, then use the ventilation fan to force fresh air into, inlet grille free snow, leaves.

That the ventilation system always works properly, vehicle, have t he probl em, only with all windows fully open, of the metals used manufacture.

Of the exhaust system, you may hear, crackling sound coming from the exhaust system for a short time after, to avoid damage catalytic converter, amount of leaded fuel will damage.

The engine running rough (misfiring, backfiring incomplete combustion), have, your vehicle checked repaired by an, prevention treatment to heat shield, the exhaust gas very hot.

To keep your vehicle best condition, at all times, always have the recommended maintenance services listed, the maintenance schedule in the Warranty and Maintenance Booklet” performed at the specified time mileage, when planning to use your vehicle.

Provide better traction when driving, when moving out of mud, dirt sand, by shifting power between front, rear wheels, SUBARU AWD can also.

And added engine braking force during, may handle differently than an ordinary, two wheel drive vehicle it contains, purposes as well avoid damaging.

The AWD system, you should keep, steeper roads under snowy slippery, conditions than a two wheel drive vehicle, there is little difference handling.

However, during extremely sharp turns, down a slope or turning corners, be sure, to reduce your speed maintain an.

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