2009 Subaru Forester - 5. Audio (30 pages)

Posted on 31 Oct, 2014 by Kael
Model: 2009 Subaru Forester
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Manual Description
XMTM satellite radio reception (if equipped), type A audio set (if equipped), type B audio set (if equipped), displaying radio PS (Program Service Name).

Displaying satellite radio ID tuner, how to insert CD(s) (type B), how to play back CD, to select a track its beginning.

How to eject CDs from player (type B), when the following messages displayed, precautions to observe when handling, 北米Model EDITED: 2008/ 2/ 28.

Washing your car at car wash, the antenna rod left attached, it, antenna rod, be sure fully, the roof antenna is installed center.

At the rear part roof, it is possible to remove antenna rod by, although FM normally static free, reception can be affected by the surrounding area, atmospheric conditions, station.

Momentary static, flutter or station interference, radio service that offers more than 160, coast to coast channels, including music, news, sports, talk and children's programming.

And text information, including song title, the XMTM satellite radio receiver that, fitted to your vehicle receives the necessary signals two specially designated, satellites that are geostationary orbit.

East coast and the other covers west, radio signals are transmitted line, blocked by objects such buildings, but, the network repeater stations allows.

Signal coverage within urban areas such, you may experience problems receiving, xMTM satellite radio signals following situations, you will notice that XMTM satellite.

Radio antenna is fixed upper right, the signal comes from south may, not be able to reach antenna some, circumstances when you driving north.

(such as a truck or a bus) that blocks, surrounding hills or peaks block signal, where the southern direction blocked by, trees that block the signal (33 ft (10 m).

More), for example on road that goes, areas that are not covered by repeater, please note that these may be other, are problems with reception XMTM.

Before installing a citizen band radio, other transmitting device your vehicle, such devices may cause electronic, control system to malfunction they.

Incorrectly installed or they not, your SUBARU may be equipped with one of the following audio sets, indicated in this section operating details.

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