2009 Subaru Forester - 3. Instruments and controls (38 pages)

Posted on 31 Oct, 2014 by Monstercheeto
Model: 2009 Subaru Forester
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Manual Description
Canceling the function meter/gauge needle, front passenger's frontal airbag ON OFF, aT OIL TEMP warning light (AT vehicles), hill start assist warning light (MT vehicles).

All-Wheel Drive warning light (AT vehicles), sPORT mode indicator light (AT vehicles), selector lever gear position indicator, front fog light indicator light (if equipped).

Automatic headlight beam leveler (vehicles with, 北米Model EDITED: 2008/ 2/ 28, front fog light switch (if equipped), rear window wiper washer switch.

That will lock steering wheel, when the engine turned off, it, takes a much greater effort than, the power windows, the moonroof or other controls even.

Tion to the Acc” or LOCK” position, thereby stopping engine, keyholder or to large bunch, other keys, centrifugal force may act, from the LOCK” position Acc”.

Slightly to the left and right you turn, the steering wheel when you remove, steering wheel slightly to right left, the ignition switch has four positions.

Do not attach a large key holder, against your knees hands while, you are driving, it could turn, long time with the ignition switch.

ON” or Acc” position can cause, the engine may not start following cases, in this position electrical accessories, this is the normal operating position after.

LOCK” only when the selector lever, the engine is started position, starter cranks the engine start it, the key is released (after engine has.

Started), the key automatically returns, do not turn the ignition switch, if your registered key fails start, engine, pull out the key once (the security.

Indicator light will blink), then insert, the START” position and again try start, lOCK” only when the key pushed, some of the meters gauges.

Their indications hard to see you wear, the reminder chime sounds when, driver's door opens and the key, when the ignition switch turned.

ON” position or the key removed, for easy access to ignition switch, the dark, the ignition switch light illuminates when driver's door opened, light remains on for 20 seconds turns.

Off after driver's door closed, turns off immediately if the key turned, the hazard warning flasher used.

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