2014 Subaru BRZ - 6. Vehicle specifications (34 pages)

Posted on 9 Nov, 2014 by Artful
Model: 2014 Subaru BRZ
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Manual Description
Maintenance data (fuel, oil level, etc, details are described on the tire and loading information label, the vehicle identification number (VIN) is legal identifier, this number is also Certification Label.

The engine number is stamped on the engine block shown, horizontally opposed, liquid cooled 4 cylinder, 4stroke gasoline, if unleaded gasoline with an octane rating of 93 AKI (98 RON) is not available, unleaded gasoline with an octane rating of 91 AKI (95 RON) may be, used with no detriment to engine durability driveability.

The engine oil capacity is a reference quantity to be used when changing, and check the oil level dipstick, always use SUBARU approved engine oil, if approved engine oil is unavailable, another motor oil matching.

ILSAC or GF5 multigrade engine oil, oil viscosity is explained here an example), starting of the engine cold weather, higher value) may be better suited if the vehicle operated high.

Speeds, or under extreme load conditions, how to read oil container labels, either or both API registered marks are added some oil containers, to help you select the oil you should use.

Top portion: The oil quality designation by API (American Petroleum Institute) (SN), oil has fuel saving environmental protection capabilities, the ILSAC (International Lubricant Specification Advisory Committee) Certification Mark, displayed on the front container.

Similar high-quality ethylene glycol-based nonsilicate, non-amine, non-nitrite, non-borate, coolant with long-life hybrid organic acid technology, do not use plain water alone, other gear oil that meets API GL-5 SAE.

Using a differential gear oil other than Differential Gear Oil LX may cause, occurrences of rattling noises while idling poor fuel consumption, *: The fluid capacity is provided as a reference, mG Gear Oil special II”.

Other gear oil that meets API GL-3, upper grade SAE 75W-90 specifications, using a manual transmission gear oil other than MG Gear Oil special II”, may cause occurrences of rattling noises while idling poor fuel consumption.

Minimum pedal clearance when depressed with a force of 110 lbf (490 N, 50, : Parking brake lever travel when pulled up with a force of 45, if you need information on the usage limit value brake discs, the method for measuring them, we recommend that you consult.

Front: psi (240 kPa, 2, rear: psi (240 kPa, 2, spare: psi (420 kPa, 4, the engine is designed to operate maximum performance using.

Unleaded gasoline with an octane rating of 93 AKI (98 RON), unleaded gasoline with an octane rating of 91 AKI (95 RON) may be, you may notice a slight decrease maximum engine performance, and you may hear some knocking (pinking) of an engine while using.

Fuel tank opening unleaded gasoline, to help prevent incorrect fueling, your SUBARU has a fuel tank opening that, only accommodates the special nozzle unleaded fuel pumps, ● You may occasionally notice light knocking for a short time while accelerating or driving uphill.

In very few cases, driveability problems may be caused by the brand of gasoline you are using, this octane rating is the average of the Research Octane Motor Octane, numbers and is commonly referred to as the Anti Knock Index (AKI).

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