2018 Škoda Octavia - Owner's Manual (340 pages)

Posted on 18 Dec, 2017
Model: 2018 Škoda Octavia
File size: 53.66 MB

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Manual Description
When your vehicle is being controlled at a speed that is lower than the set speed and the turn signal is operated, ACC assesses this situation as meaning that the driver wishes to overtake. The ACC automatically accelerates the vehicle, thereby reducing the proximity to a vehicle ahead. If your vehicle changes to the overtaking lane and no vehicle is detected ahead, ACC accelerates until the set speed is reached and then keeps it constant.

The following (and similar) situations require special attention and possibly the intervention of the driver (braking, accelerating etc.). Other vehicles with a load or with body parts protruding from the sides, back or top of the vehicle contour may not be detected by the ACC.

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