2015 Škoda Octavia - Car radio manual (30 pages)

Posted on 21 Feb, 2015 by Mynas
Model: 2015 Škoda Octavia
File size: 2.5 MB

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Manual Description
A normal Note draws your attention to important information about operation, this Owner's Manual has been systematically designed to make it easy you, search for and obtain information you require, at the beginning of this manual you will find a table of contents where all the topics described are arranged sequentially.

All direction indications such as left”, right”, front”, rear” relate direction, denotes the continuation of a section next page, examples of the information listed Owner's Manual, press the SETUP → Sound button.

This information indicates that you must first press, lect and confirm Sound menu, the →” symbol indicates next step, example of the menu, the available menus, menu items functions.

Xyz - first menu level, the most important notes are marked with heading WARNING, wARNING notes draw your attention to a serious risk accident injury, a Caution note draws your attention to the possibility of damage your vehicle.

You have chosen a ŠKODA vehicle, which is fitted with an Infotainment Radio Blues (hereafter called, unit) – we thank you for your confidence us, the new operating concept allows you to make vehicle settings and to operate electronic systems centrally, please read this Owner's Manual carefully, because the operation in accordance with these instructions.

Prerequisite for proper use unit, please note that these instructions are meant only as an addendum to the information presented, if you have any questions about your device, please contact ŠKODA Partner, alternative frequencies - alternative frequencies of current radio station.

Amplitude modulation - identification radio frequency, digital Rights Management - technical methods monitor, restrict the use digital media content, frequency modulation - identification radio frequency.

Hands-free profile - a software profile data transfer via, bluetooth ®,, which allows for communication between a mobile phone and the hands-free equipment vehicle, an additional feature of a music file, which allows for the display of artist, title, album name, etc, program identification - Station identification by means.

Programme type - sorts radio stations into categories (such, radio Data System - system for transmission additional, traffic Program identification - program identifier, windows Media Audio - compressed audio format.

Basic requirements and additional provisions Directive 1999/5/EC, this chapter contains information following subjects, first read and observe the introductory information safety warnings, this Owner's Manual describes all possible equipment variants without identifying them as special equipment, model variants market-dependent equipment.

Consequently, this vehicle does not need to contain all of the equipment components described these operating instructions, this device complies with part 15 of the FCC Rules and Industry Canada licenseexempt RSS standard(s), the level of equipment of your vehicle refers to your purchase contract of the vehicle, this device may not cause harmful interference.

The illustrations in this manual can differ in minor details your vehicle; they, are only intended general information, this device must accept any interference received, including interference that, changes or modifications not expressly approved by party responsible.

Compliance could void the user's authority operate equipment, concentrate fully at all times on your driving! As the driver you are fully responsible for the operation your vehicle, only use the device in a way that ensures that you are in full control your, vehicle in every traffic situation - there is risk accident.

Adjust the volume to ensure that acoustic signals outside, e, from vehicles which have the right of way, such as police, ambulance fire, brigade vehicles, can be heard all time.

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