2012.5 Škoda Octavia - Car radio manual (20 pages)

Posted on 20 Feb, 2015 by Colacastell
Model: 2012.5 Škoda Octavia
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Manual Description
Symbols in the text operating, these operating instructions describe all possible equipment variants without, identifying them as special equipment, model variants market-dependent, consequently, this vehicle does not need to contain all of the equipment components described these operating instructions.

The scope of equipment for your vehicle is described sales documentation, you were given when purchasing the car, symbols in the text operating instructions,  The section is continued next page.

Switching on/off: Control button switching system, on/off (press) volume control (turn), › RADIO mode – turn for manual station adjustment; press briefly, to start or stop automatic play (Scan).

› MEDIA mode – turn to change track; press briefly start, rADIO - changes over into the radio mode and changes the frequency range when radio mode, mEDIA – changes over to the last played media source selects, pHONE – Telephone function – Muting of current audio source.

TIM - TIM function (Traffic Information Memory) recorded traffic, traffic announcements is also possible if the unit switched off, tP - Switch the traffic information function (Traffic Program), off or interrupt the currently recorded traffic announcement.

SETUP - enables setting-up individually selected field,  - opens the sound volume settings menu, touch-screen: fields circled in colour on screen presently, active” and are operated by touching screen.

Memory card case: Memory card case: SD memory cards, SDHC, memory cards measuring 32 mm x 24 mm x 2, the equipment warranty terms and conditions also apply new vehicles, after the expiration of the warranty, a piece of equipment in need repair will be.

Replaced with a reconditioned, original item with spare part warranty, attempts have been made carry out repairs, damage within the meaning of the warranty must not be result improper, handling of the system or from unprofessional repair attempts.

That there no external damage, the radio should only be used, if the traffic situation permits it, the volume settings must be selected in such a way that audible signals, brigade), can be heard all times.

Your radio is equipped with a convenience coding, for the first time, the safety code is not only stored in the radio but also, please concentrate fully at all times on your driving! As the driver you fully, that you are always in full control of your vehicle all traffic situations.

After disconnecting and reconnecting the battery, first of all switch on the ignition then radio, inserting a second CD while a CD is being ejected can destroy CD drive, press the buttons and the keys of the unit gently in order avoid damaging, please note that the control buttons have predetermined breaking points, in order to reduce risk injury.

Slight finger pressure sufficient to operate the equipment, screen, which cannot be called up by pressing the button, is therefore not available that time, if you wish to install the radio in another vehicle, the safety code must be entered, as the unit only functions after entering the safety code, practically excludes.

Its use after a theft - a contribution increased anti-theft safety, the code is stored in the instrument cluster, if a keypad appears after switching on with the command to enter code, unit can be unlocked by entering the correct four-digit code number.

› Press a digit from 0 to 9 on the digit block displayed on the screen, › After a four-digit order has been entered, the group of digits will turn grey (inactive) and no further digits can be accepted entry line, left and thereby correct your input, necessary.

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