2011 Škoda Octavia - Car radio manual (24 pages)

Posted on 20 Feb, 2015 by Dash
Model: 2011 Škoda Octavia
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Manual Description
Škoda Auto pursues a policy of constant product and model development, that you will understand that changes to models in terms shape, equipment, engineering, may be introduced at any time, delivery, appearance, performances, dimensions, weight, fuel consumption.

Standards and functions of the vehicle is only correct at time publication, certain items of equipment might only be installed later (information given by, the local authorised Škoda Service Partner) and only envisaged particular, illustrations and descriptions contained Owner's Manual.

Reprinting, reproduction or translation, either in whole or in part, not permitted, without the written consent Škoda Auto, Škoda Auto expressly reserves all rights relating copyright laws, we reserve the right to make changes document.

A Switching on/off: Control button switching navigation, system on/off (press) volume control (turn), − RADIO mode - turn for manual station adjustment; press briefly, start or stop automatic play (Scan).

− MEDIA mode - turn to change track; press briefly start stop, range selector key for selecting corresponding Setup, − RADIO - changes over into the radio mode changes, frequency range when radio mode.

− MEDIA - changes over to the last played media source selects, − PHONE - activates the phone function1) - Muting current, different TIM recording times in the SETUP Setup, recording, the traffic announcements is also possible if the unit switched off.

Off or interrupt the currently recorded traffic announcement, − SETUP - enables setting-up individually selected field,  - opens the sound volume settings Setup, touchscreen (Touch-screen): Fields circled in colour display.

Are presently active” and are operated by touching display, valid for universal Phone preinstallation GSM III GSM II, memory card case: SD memory cards (Secure Digital Memory, cards”), SDHC (Secure Digital High Capacity Card”) MMC.

(Multimedia Cards”) measuring 32 mm x 24 mm x 2, * items of equipment which are marked in such a way are only installed standard, on certain models or are supplied special equipment,  The section is continued next page.

This Owner's Manual describes the range of functions at the time going press, the illustrations can differ in minor details from the version your unit, the equipment warranty terms and conditions also apply new vehicles, after the expiration of the warranty, a piece of equipment in need repair will be.

Replaced with a reconditioned, original item with spare part warranty, a precondition that the housing has not been damaged no unauthorised, attempts have been made carry out repairs, damage within the meaning of the warranty must not be result improper.

Handling of the system or from unprofessional repair attempts, that there no external damage, carefully handle the display because dents and scratches can occur through pressure of the finger or contact with sharp objects, the display can be cleaned with a soft cloth and finger marks can be wiped away.

The unit should only be used, if the traffic situation permits it, the volume settings must be selected in such a way that audible signals, brigade), can be heard all times, do not use solvent such as turpentine or petrol as they will corrode display.

Please concentrate fully at all times on your driving! As driver you, inserting a second CD while a CD is being ejected can destroy CD drive, your radio is equipped with a convenience coding.

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