2005.5 Škoda Octavia - Car radio manual (23 pages)

Posted on 21 Feb, 2015 by Minimalist
Model: 2005.5 Škoda Octavia
File size: 1.93 MB

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Manual Description
If you have not received security code, your radio, it means that your car fitted with, comfort coding system, which does not, reconnection of car battery, first switch.

The power by the starting key, then switch, the device complies with protective, requirements of EMV (Directive EG 89/336 EWG, and Directive EWG) according toEN.

- other setting functions various menus, - activates sound setting menu, - activation of menu sound balance, - ejects the disc from built- changer.

- CD- DA/CD- R/RW/MP3 disc playback, - select a disc using preset button 12, - stores most powerful stations into presets, - fast search through selected radio band.

- CD mode: selects track, - tuner mode: displays Radio Text information, - displays additional information MP3, - activates a menu for radio CD parameters.

- tuner mode: recalls stored presets, - selects user setting parameter section, - displays the meaning preset buttons, - activates the traffic message mode (TP, EON).

- activates automatic switching traffic, - initiates the search transmitters with, - initiates disc insertion mode, - initiates the recording traffic messages.

Current road traffic more more, modern car radios offer extensive, sophisticated functions, offering both fun, if you are uncertain about some functions.

The radio, or unexpected behaviour appears, always consult the manual after stopping, car at a safe location, contact your Škoda, note: the texts marked with * applicable.

Only to selected car models, cars with, you should only operate radio its, features when the traffic situation allows you, for example: changing discs, reading.

Always set the volume at a level which does not, prevent you hearing outside sounds, switch the radio on or off by pressing button 1, if you switch the radio off by switching off.

Ignition, the radio will be switched, automatically when the ignition switched, if the radio is switched on by pressing button 1, when the ignition is switched off, radio will.

After switching the radio on, e, (FM) mode, a display similar following, names or frequencies reset stations, a pointer showing which station.

Indication of selected wave band, the display always shows current volume, selection of a band and memory level.

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