2019 Škoda Karoq - Owner's Manual (328 pages)

Posted on 27 Feb, 2019
Model: 2019 Škoda Karoq
File size: 53.12 MB

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Manual Description
EDL prevents the turning of the respective wheel of the driven axle. EDL brakes the spinning wheel, if necessary, and transmits the driving force to the other driving wheel. Driving becomes easier on road surfaces with different traction under each wheel of the driven axle.

EDL switches off automatically to avoid excessive heat generation on the brake of the wheel being braked. Once the brakes have cooled down, there is an automatic re-activation of EDL. XDS+ is an extension to the electronic differential lock (EDL).

The XDS+ responds to the release of pressure on the wheels during fast cornering by means of a braking intervention on the wheel on the inside of the corner on the driven axle. By decelerating the individual wheels, this prevents the vehicle from over-steering or understeering. This has a positive effect on the driving stability and steerability of the vehicle.

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