2018 Škoda Karoq - Owner's Manual (328 pages)

Posted on 18 Dec, 2017
Model: 2018 Škoda Karoq
File size: 52.7 MB

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Manual Description
To clean the headlights, the headlamp is also sprayed after every ten squirts. The adjustment of the spray interval can be adjusted by a specialist garage (maximum after every twentieth spraying of the windscreen). To ensure the correct functioning of the system, even in winter, this needs to be regularly cleared of snow and ice (e.g. using the de-icing spray).

The rear window is wiped automatically if the windscreen wipers are on when reverse gear is selected. The setting (activation/deactivation) of the automatic rear window wiping in the rain is stored (depending on the Infotainment type) in the active user account personalisation.

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