2019 Škoda Fabia - Owner's Manual (272 pages)

Posted on 27 Feb, 2019
Model: 2019 Škoda Fabia
File size: 42.48 MB

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Manual Description
Range - Drive distance in km which can be covered with the existing tank capacity and with the same driving style. If you drive more efficiently this value can increase. Average fuel consumption - Is calculated continuously since the last time that the memory was erased.

After erasing the memory, no data will appear for the first 100 m driven. Current fuel consumption - When the vehicle is stationary or moving slowly, the fuel consumption is displayed in l/h (in models in some countries the following appears --,- km/l). Warning at when the preset speed is exceeded allows the setting of a speed limit where, if exceeded, an acoustic warning signal and a warning message appears on the display of the instrument cluster.

Current Speed - Digital speedometer. Average speed - Value constantly recalculated, for distance since last clearing the memory. After erasing the memory, no data will appear for the first 300 m driven. Distance driven - Distance driven since the memory was last cleared.

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