2013 Škoda Fabia - Navigation Manual (30 pages)

Posted on 21 Feb, 2015 by Cheeto
Model: 2013 Škoda Fabia
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Manual Description
Amundsen+: Superb, Octavia, Yeti, Fabia, Roomster, Rapid, you have chosen a ŠKODA vehicle, which is fitted with an Amundsen+ navigation system (hereafter called, radio navigation system) – we thank you for your confidence us, we recommend that you read these operating instructions carefully so that you can quickly become familiar.

Should you have any questions or problems with your radio navigation system, please do not hesitate to contact your authorised ŠKODA Service Partner importer, any national legal provisions which vary from the information contained in this Instruction Manual, have priority over information contained herein, we hope you enjoy using your radio navigation system and wish you pleasant motoring, pairing mobile phone Bluetooth® device with.

Settings in (NAV) Navigation mode, introductory information about CD mode, requirements for media sources audio, telephone calls and functions during call.

TP traffic information TMC traffic reports, the equipment warranty terms and conditions apply to this unit just like new, vehicles - see service schedule, these operating instructions describe all possible equipment variants without.

Identifying them as special equipment, model variants market-dependent, consequently, this vehicle does not need to contain all of the equipment components described these operating instructions, the scope of equipment for your vehicle is described sales documentation, you were given when purchasing the car.

Do not use solvents such as benzine or turpentine, which may damage, treat the screen with care, as finger pressure or contact with sharp objects may, cause dents and scratches surface,  The section is continued next page.

Car parks, tunnels, tall buildings or mountains can disrupt the radio and GPS signal even causing it fail completely, the anti-theft coding of your radio navigation system prevents an operation, the system after a voltage interruption, e, after disconnecting the battery, disconnecting the radio navigation system.

The on-board voltage of the vehicle or after a fuse failure, the code must be entered before the system can be used again, concentrate fully at all times on your driving! As the driver you are fully responsible for road safety, your vehicle in every traffic situation - risk accident, adjust the volume to ensure that acoustic signals outside, e.

From vehicles which have the right of way, such as police, ambulance fire, brigade vehicles, can be heard all time, high volumes can cause hearing damage, if a keypad appears after switching on with the command to enter code.

Unit must be unlocked by entering correct four-digit code, › Enter the four-digit code using the function keys 0 to 9, after a four-digit order has been entered, the group of digits will turn grey (inactive) and no further digits can be accepted entry line, › To delete the digits in the entry line from right to left, press function key.

› When the correct code is displayed in the entry line, press function key OK, if an incorrect code is confirmed after entry of the code, the procedure can be repeated twice, if the code is entered incorrectly for the third time, the unit will be blocked for approx, hour, while the unit and the ignition were switched on.

If three invalid attempts are then made again, the radio navigation system will be, the code is normally saved in the instrument cluster memory, the screen of the unit displays information such as from the Climatronic, the vehicle distance to an obstacle if the parking aid” has been activated, etc, your vehicle can be equipped with up to four keys.

Navigation system area always assigned to the key currently in use, when the ignition is switched off, the system switches off automatically after approx, for switching the equipment off (press), tMC - Displaying TMC traffic alerts.

SETUP - Settings in individual operating modes,  - Additional information and functions depending current,  - Return previous menu item.

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