2008.5 Škoda Fabia - Car radio manual (16 pages)

Posted on 20 Feb, 2015 by Chironomidae
Model: 2008.5 Škoda Fabia
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Manual Description
Škoda Auto pursues a policy of constant product and model development, that you will understand that changes to models in terms shape, equipment, engineering, may be introduced at any time, delivery, appearance, performances, dimensions, weight, fuel consumption.

Standards and functions of the vehicle is only correct at time publication, certain items of equipment might only be installed later (information given by, the local authorised Škoda Service Partner) and only envisaged particular, illustrations and descriptions contained Owner's Manual.

Reprinting, reproduction or translation, either in whole or in part, not permitted, without the written consent Škoda Auto, Škoda Auto expressly reserves all rights relating copyright laws, we reserve the right to make changes document.

− store and select RDS station, − other function settings various menus, − Selecting the parameter user settings, button TP for activating traffic information mode.

− Activation of CD mode (CD-DA/CD-R/CD-RW/MP3, multisession), − Direct selection of the CD via station keys A, − Activation of the mode external audio source, button FM to activate FM radio mode.

Button AS to store the six stations with the strongest reception respective waveband, − fast search respective waveband, − Scroll through the contents CD, the same warranty terms apply for the equipment new vehicles.

After the expiration of the warranty, a unit in need of repair will be replaced inexpensively with a reconditioned, original unit with spare part warranty, required that there is no housing damage and no unauthorised repair attempts, − manual station finding radio mode, − Selecting title CD mode.

− fast station finding radio mode, − Pre-winding the title CD mode,  for adjusting the sound volume distribution, − Display radio text information.

− Display of additional information MP3-CDs, button MENU to call up the menu settings of the parameter radio CD, a damage in the sense of the warranty must not be result improper, handling of the system or from unprofessional repair attempts.

The radio should only be used, if the traffic situation permits it, the volume settings must be selected in such a way that acoustic signals, and fire brigade), can be heard any time, please always pay full attention to the traffic situation around you! As.

Driver you are fully responsible for the traffic safety, in such a way that you always maintain the control over your vehicle all, the code is stored in the instrument cluster, carefully handle the display because dents and scratches can occur through pressure of the finger or contact with sharp objects.

The display can be cleaned with a soft cloth and finger marks can be wiped away, do not use solvent such as turpentine or petrol as they will corrode display, your radio is equipped with a convenience coding, the first time, the safety code is not only stored in the radio but also vehicle.

After disconnecting and reconnecting the battery, first of all switch ignition, if you wish to install the radio in another vehicle, the safety code must be entered, in this case, please do not hesitate to contact a Škoda Service Partner Škoda, as the unit only functions after entering the safety code, practically excludes its.

Use after a theft - a contribution increased anti-theft safety, – Switch on the radio if the ignition is on, – Enter the safety code using station keys A.

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