2019 Škoda Citigo - Owner's Manual (160 pages)

Posted on 26 Feb, 2019
Model: 2019 Škoda Citigo
File size: 24.55 MB

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Manual Description
When transporting heavy objects, the driving characteristics change due to the shift in centre-of-gravity. Therefore, adjust the speed and driving mode accordingly. When transporting cargo the following instructions must be adhered to Distribute the load evenly in the luggage compartment and secure it with suitable lashing straps to the lashing eyes or fixing nets so that they cannot slip.

Place heavy objects as far forward in the luggage compartment as possible. Tyre pressure should be adjusted for the load. In the event of an accident, even small and light objects gain so much kinetic energy that they can cause severe injuries.

The magnitude of the kinetic energy is dependent on the speed at which the vehicle is travelling and the weight of the object. Luggage compartment light The light switches on/off when the luggage compartment lid is opened or closed. If the boot lid is open and the ignition switched off, the light will go out automatically after 10 minutes.

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