2012 Seat Ibiza SC - Owner's Manual (278 pages)

Posted on 7 Sep, 2016 by Marks
Model: 2012 Seat Ibiza SC
File size: 3.92 MB

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Manual Description
In this chapter you will learn the importance of wearing seat belts, how they work and how to properly fasten, adjust and wear them. Every passenger in the vehicle must properly fasten and wear the seat belt belonging to his or her seat. The higher the speed and the are not wearing seat greater the weight, the more energy there is to be released in an accident.

Even at low speeds the forces acting on the body in a collision are so great that it is not possible to brace oneself with one's hands. All occupants (including the driver) must ing a seat belt is thrown wear seat belts properly during the trip. To achieve the best possible protection, the seat belt must always be worn properly so that you will be protected in accidents in which no airbag is deployed.

It is also important for the rear passengers to wear seat belts properly, as they could otherwise be thrown forward violently in an accident. Furthermore, properly worn seat belts improve the protection provided by airbags in the event of an accident. The front airbags will not be triggered during minor frontal collisions, minor side collisions, rear collisions, overturns or accidents in which the airbag trigger threshold value in the control unit is not exceeded.

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