2007 Seat Cordoba - Owner's Manual (256 pages)

Posted on 24 Sep, 2016 by Daveyp
Model: 2007 Seat Cordoba
File size: 7.75 MB

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Manual Description
This is height-adjustable head restraints, especially important when you lend or sell the vehicle to others. The safety equipment mentioned above works together to provide you and your passengers with the best possible protection in accident situations. But this safety equipment cannot help you or your passengers if you or your passengers assume an incorrect sitting position or do not properly adjust or use this equipment.

If the airbag is triggered, you could sustain severe injuries due to an incorrect sitting position. If the passengers on the rear seat are not sitting properly, they could sustain severe injuries. Seat belts can provide optimal protection only when the belt webs are properly positioned.

To place it in rest position , lower the never stand in the vehicle, head restraint. Before every trip, instruct your passengers to pedal area and impair pedal operation. In a frontal collision they will continue to move forward at the speed their vehicle.

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