2017 Seat Alhambra - Owner's Manual (320 pages)

Posted on 7 Feb, 2017 by Silenceo
Model: 2017 Seat Alhambra
File size: 6.88 MB

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Manual Description
Ensure that the foot of the jack is firmly solely supported by the jack. Raise the vehicle until the wheel is clear jack due to the engine vibrations. Snow chains are available in different sizes according to the vehicle type.

Observe the fitting instructions provided by the snow chain manufacturer. Observe the instructions provided by the manufacturer of the jump leads. Do not connect the negative cable from the other vehicle directly to the negative terminal of the flat battery.

Fit a new wiper blade of the same length and design on to the wiper arm and hook it into place. Never transport more people than there are seats with a seat belt available in the vehicle. The specialised seat will not protect you properly and may also be checked.

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