2018 Renault Twingo - Owner's Manual (232 pages)

Posted on 15 Dec, 2017
Model: 2018 Renault Twingo
File size: 6.88 MB

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Manual Description
Press button 7 – the integrated indicator light comes on. Prolonged use of this position may lead to odours, caused by non-renewal of air, and the formation of condensation on the windows. We therefore advise you to return to automatic mode as soon as air recirculation is no longer needed, by pressing button 7.

To exit this function, press button 7 again. In some situations (air conditioning off, air recirculation activated, ventilation speed at zero or low etc.), you may notice that condensation starts to form on the windows and windscreen. If there is condensation, use the “Clear View” function to remove it, then use the air conditioning in automatic mode to stop it forming again.

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