2017 Renault Megane - Owner's Manual (346 pages)

Posted on 14 Dec, 2016 by Chilblane
Model: 2017 Renault Megane
File size: 7.04 MB

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Manual Description
The driver must remain particularly vigilant when driving on slippery or low-grip surfaces and/or on hills. This function is a driving aid in the event of the accidental crossing of a continuous or broken line in the road. Under no circumstances should this function replace the driver's care or responsibility whilst driving.

This function count the maximum speed limit in the does not take the place of country where they are driving. Please note that you must keep your feet close to the pedals in order to react in an emergency. Make sure that the manoeuvre complies with the applicable traffic regulations at your location.

These may pose a risk to the vehicle occupants if the driver has to brake suddenly or if the vehicle is involved in an accident. The various sources can be selected from the multifunction screen and from the steering column controls. Remove the radio aerial mast if your – wash the vehicle in a roller-type car vehicle is fitted with this equipment.

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