2012 Renault Koleos - Owner's Manual (233 pages)

Posted on 27 Jul, 2015 by Colacastell
Model: 2012 Renault Koleos
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Manual Description
ELF has developed a complete range lubricants RENAULT, warning: to ensure the engine operates optimally, use, benefiting from the research applied Formula 1, updated with the help RENAULT's technical.

Teams, this range is perfectly compatible with, rENAULT recommends approved ELF lubricants for oil changes top-ups, contact your RENAULT Dealer visit www, this Driver's Handbook contains information necessary.

– to ensure that it always gives the best performance by following the simple, but comprehensive advice concerning regular maintenance, it is well worth taking a few minutes to read this handbook to familiarise yourself with the information guidelines it contains, about the vehicle and its functions and new features, pleased to provide you with any additional information.

The following symbol will help you when reading handbook, to indicate a hazard, danger safety recommendation, the descriptions of the models given in this handbook are based on the technical specifications at the time of writing, fitted to the vehicle depends on the version, options selected and the country where vehicle sold.

This handbook may also contain information about items of equipment to be introduced later model year, throughout the manual, the approved Dealer” your RENAULT Dealer, section Getting know your vehicle, rENAULT cards: general information, use, deadlocking.

Automatic locking of opening elements when driving, rENAULT cards: general information (1/2), – locking and unlocking doors, – depending on the vehicle, automatically closing electric windows.

And sunroof remotely (see the information "Electric windows", – switching on the vehicle lighting remotely (refer following pages), – starting the engine (refer to the information on "Starting engine", make sure that correct battery type.

Is being used, and that battery, its service life approximately two, years: replace it when message, instrument panel (refer to the information on the "RENAULT card: Battery".

This varies according to the surroundings: It is important make sure when, handling the RENAULT card that you, do not lock or unlock the doors by inadvertently pressing buttons, when the battery flat, you can.

Still lock/unlock and start your vehicle, (or a pet) unsupervised, even, they may pose risk themselves, or to others by starting engine.

RENAULT cards: general information (2/2), press and pull key 5 then, once you have accessed vehicle, using the integrated key, replace it.

Then insert RENAULT card into, the card reader start vehicle, if you lose your RENAULT card, require another, you can obtain one.

If a RENAULT card replaced, it, will be necessary to take the vehicle and all its RENAULT cards, to an approved dealer initialise, the integrated key is used lock.

Unlock the front left-hand door, – when the RENAULT card battery, – use of devices using the same frequency card.

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