2017 Renault Clio - Owner's Manual (260 pages)

Posted on 13 Dec, 2016 by William
Model: 2017 Renault Clio
File size: 7.98 MB

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Manual Description
It only switches off after a time delay and when the doors concerned have been closed correctly; – lighting switches off immediately. Unlocking and opening the doors or tailgate switches on the timed courtesy lights and lights. These may pose a risk to the vehicle occupants if the driver has to brake suddenly or if the vehicle is involved in an accident.

Remove the radio aerial mast if your – wash the vehicle in a roller-type car vehicle is fitted with this equipment. You must drive a short distance those fitted originally and tighten in order to seal the hole. Do not leave the tools unsecured inside the vehicle as they may come loose under braking.

Always use valve caps identical to those fitted originally and tighten them fully. At night the vehicle must a trailer or tow it with the front wheels have its lights on.

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