2018 Renault Captur - Owner's Manual (258 pages)

Posted on 1 Nov, 2017
Model: 2018 Renault Captur
File size: 7.15 MB

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Manual Description
One-touch mode Depending on the vehicle, this mode works in addition to the operation of the electric windows described previously. It is only fitted to the driver’s window. Briefly press or pull switch 1 fully: the window is fully lowered or raised.

Pressing the switch again stops the window moving. NB: if the driver’s window detects resistance when closing (e.g.: fingers, branch of a tree, etc.), it stops and then lowers again by a few centimetres. In case of a fault when closing a window, the system reverts to normal mode: pull the switch concerned up as often as necessary to fully close the window (the window will close gradually), hold the switch (still on the closure side) for one second then lower and raise the window fully to reinitialise the system.

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