2019 RAM ProMaster City - Owner's Manual (348 pages)

Posted on 6 Jan, 2019
Model: 2019 RAM ProMaster City
File size: 3.75 MB

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Manual Description
This range should be used for most city and highway driving. It provides the smoothest upshifts and downshifts, and the best fuel economy. The transmission automatically upshifts through all forward gears.

The DRIVE position provides optimum driving characteristics under all normal operating conditions. When frequent transmission shifting occurs (such as when operating the vehicle under heavy loading conditions, in hilly terrain, traveling into strong head winds, or while towing a heavy trailer), use the Electronic Range Select (ERS) shift control (refer to “Electronic Range Select (ERS) Operation” in this section for further information) to select a lower gear range. Under these conditions, using a lower gear range will improve performance and extend transmission life by reducing excessive shifting and heat buildup.

If the transmission temperature exceeds normal operating limits, the transmission controller may modify the transmission shift schedule, reduce engine torque, and/or expand the range of torque converter clutch engagement. This is done to prevent transmission damage due to overheating. If the transmission becomes extremely hot, the “Transmission Temperature Warning Light” may illuminate and the transmission may operate differently until the transmission cools down.

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