2017 RAM 3500 Chassis Cab - Owner's Manual (542 pages)

Posted on 20 Dec, 2017
Model: 2017 RAM 3500 Chassis Cab
File size: 5.09 MB

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Manual Description
Before leaving the vehicle, make sure that the parking brake is fully applied, the engine is off and the key fob is removed from the ignition switch. Also, be certain to leave an automatic transmission in PARK, or manual transmission in REVERSE or first gear. The foot operated parking brake is located below the lower left corner of the instrument panel.

To apply the parking brake, firmly push the parking brake pedal fully. To release the parking brake, pull the parking brake release handle. When parking on a hill, it is important to turn the front wheels toward the curb on a downhill grade and away from the curb on an uphill grade.

For vehicles equipped with an automatic transmission, apply the parking brake before placing the gear selector in PARK, otherwise the load on the transmission locking mechanism may make it difficult to move the gear selector out of PARK. The parking brake should always be applied whenever the driver is not in the vehicle.

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