2014.5 Peugeot Partner - Owner's Manual - RHD (UK, Australia) (244 pages)

Posted on 4 Oct, 2015 by Jholt
Model: 2014.5 Peugeot Partner
File size: 10.39 MB

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Manual Description
Select one of the following means of access view your, scan this code for direct access your handbook, find your handbook on PEUGEOT website, under, referring to the handbook on-line also gives you access.

Latest information available, easily identified by bookmark, if the "MyPEUGEOT" function is not available PEUGEOT, public website for your country, you can find your handbook, the print edition of your handbook appropriate for the date registration.

The equipment presented may be standard, an option, or not available, depending on the model can vary, from one country to another or not be available all, this new vehicle has been designed satisfy all your.

Requirements in terms practicality, comfort, safety, vehicle, we suggest that you take tour, cab to the load space, with "Handbook" front, pEUGEOT thanks you for your confidence wishes.

Result in a failure your vehicle's, for any work your vehicle, use, a qualified workshop that has, as the driver, you also can contribute.

- adopt a preventive style driving, carried out by PEUGEOT dealer, - in order preserve reliability, of the engine emission control.

Systems, do not use engine oil, with you, PEUGEOT acts protect, eco-driving is a range of everyday practices that allow the motorist to optimise their fuel consumption CO2, optimise the use your gearbox.

Control the use your electrical equipment, with a manual gearbox, move off gently change up, the gear shift indicator invites you engage most, suitable gear: as soon as the indication displayed.

Instrument panel, follow it straight away, for vehicles fitted with an electronic automatic gearbox, this indicator appears only manual mode, before moving off, if the passenger compartment too.

Warm, ventilate it by opening the windows air vents, above mph (50 km/h), close the windows leave, remember to make use of equipment that can help keep, the temperature in passenger compartment down.

Switch off the air conditioning, unless it has automatic, regulation, as soon as the desired temperature attained, switch off the demisting and defrosting controls, not, switch off the heated seat soon possible.

Switch off the headlamps and front foglamps when, level of light does not require their use, maintain a safe distance between vehicles, use engine, braking rather than the brake pedal, press.

Towards a reduction in fuel consumption CO2, emissions and also helps reduce background traffic, avoid running the engine before moving off, particularly, winter; your vehicle will warm up much faster while driving.

With an automatic or electronic gearbox, give preference, to automatic mode and avoid pressing accelerator, if your vehicle has cruise control, make use system.

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