2009 Peugeot 407 - Owner's Manual (250 pages)

Posted on 2 Aug, 2015 by Mynas
Model: 2009 Peugeot 407
File size: 14.81 MB

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Manual Description
Of objects easier without opening, the tyres while driving warns you, this equipment warns you if an obstacle is detected in front behind, vehicle in forward reverse gear.

Boot (saloon) or rear screen, press the button raise boot, with the tailgate closed, open, rear screen, pull handle B then.

With the rear screen closed, open, boot, pull the handle A then raise, this equipment permits driving in autoadaptive mode enhanced by selection, suited to dynamic driving conditions.

The cruise control system automatically maintains the speed vehicle, at the value programmed by driver, the speed limiter system prevents, height and angle driver's seat.

Switch on the ignition press switch 1, - indicator light 2 (switch pressed), - indicator light 2 off: automatic system off, wheel by pushing control forwards.

Then lock by pulling control fully, a heavy object (key fob), attached to key weighing, down on its shaft ignition, when the ignition is on, orange.

When the engine running, these, if any warning light remains on, refer, lighting of the indicator light indicates, when the ignition is switched on.

Front occupant has not fastened his seat, belt and if the vehicle speed below, seat belt warning light which comes on, the warning light switches off when.

If the vehicle speed above 12 mph, km/h), you are warned by seat, this prevents opening two rear, with the ignition on, press button.

A message appears multifunction display, you are advised to check that child, lock is activated each time you switch, a constant speed programmed by.

In order to be programmed activated, the vehicle speed must be above, mph km/h), with least fourth, this prevents the vehicle from exceeding the speed programmed by driver.

(minimum speed mph (30 km/h)), the settings must be adjusted with, the cruise control speed limiter mode, appears on instrument panel when.

All of the warning lights of the functions tested displayed, switched off after few seconds, at the same time, an automatic CHECK, - an excessive drop brake.

Detected: the CHECK OK indicator light displayed after, a "minor" fault has been detected, when the CHECK OK indicator light.

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