2009.5 Peugeot 3008 Dag - Owner's Manual (290 pages)

Posted on 2 Aug, 2015 by Juliuscaro
Model: 2009.5 Peugeot 3008 Dag
File size: 20.63 MB

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Manual Description
Indicates the temperature of the engine coolant (° Celsius), indicates the quantity of fuel remaining tank, resets the selected function zero, indicator) or displays service indicator again.

Adjusts the brightness of the lighting of instruments controls, panel grouping together the vehicle operation indication dials warning lights, status messages, trip computer, GPS navigation information, associated with PC Com 3D.

Vehicle's equipment and of the parameters of display (languages, units), - while driving, scrolling active, there are four buttons to control the instrument panel 16/9 large display, the general menu and its associated functions can only be.

Above a certain speed threshold, indicating that the general menu cannot be displayed, the trip computer displays can only, be accessed while driving, via buttons 2 and 3 (refer to "Trip computer" paragraph), press button to gain access.

General menu and select one, press button or 3 move, that a system operation (operation, occurrence of fault (warning light).

This menu allows you activate, - wiper linked with reverse gear (refer, - follow-me-home and welcome lighting (refer "Visibility" section), - ambient lighting (refer "Visibility" section).

- daytime lights (refer "Visibility" section), - automatic manual parking brake, this menu allows you to select the language used by display: Deutsch, this menu allows you select units.

And consumption km, mpg km/l), few seconds when vehicle's ignition, when the engine is started, these warning lights should switch off, if they remain on, before moving off.

The switching on certain warning lights, come on in two different modes, by relating the type lighting, operating status of vehicle can it.

Is normal or whether fault has occurred, the lights stalk pushed up, turn the control position required, pull the stalk to return dipped headlamps.

Turn the ring on the stalk rearwards switch off, wait until the warning light has switched off, the duration for which warning lights, displayed is determined by climatic conditions.

Release the electronic brake switch off, warning light: with your foot brake pedal, for further information about electronic, menu or contact PEUGEOT dealer.

Press the brake pedal to start engine with, the piloted manual gearbox (lever, position P) or automatic gearbox (lever, if you wish to release parking brake without.

Pressing the brake pedal, warning light will, use the brake pedal and/or electronic, the passenger's air bag system activated.

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