2011 Opel Vivaro - Owner's Manual (162 pages)

Posted on 8 Mar, 2017 by Lurked
Model: 2011 Opel Vivaro
File size: 3.87 MB

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Manual Description
Also remove the lower seat trim side pocket by disconnecting it from the fixings. Release both locking bars at the rear pulling the bar directly towards you. Prevent dirt from the vehicle holding the occupants in getting into the belt retractors.

Tighten the lap belt regularly will invalidate the vehicle type whilst driving by pulling the shoulder approval. Slide adjuster up or down to latch plate into the buckle on the desired position. The lap belt must be positioned as low as possible across the pelvis to prevent pressure on the abdomen.

Status under less strain in the semi-prone remains until the next change. Make sure vehicle seat belt is as straight as possible between shoulder and upper anchorage point. The warning triangle can be accommodated in the space under the front seats.

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